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Fluid Emotions

Fluid Emotions
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It appears as an water painting in size 50x60. This original painting is depicted in the Castle Garden and was produced in 2011. Here are the features of the work

Work Code: 53483

Size: 50X60cm (Unframed)

Year of Construction: 2011

Material: 100% handmade, original oil painting on canvas

Inner Pulley: Made of dried solid wood, it does not warp over time and maintains its shape for a lifetime without being affected by temperature differences.

Maintenance: You can clean the work with a damp cloth to use it in its first day quality for many years.

Shipping: The work is sent free of charge by Aras Cargo, packaged in a wooden box, within 7 business days at the latest.

Flowing Emotions in Watercolor: Gönül Tavukçu's Work

Gönül Tavukçu's Work Watercolor art represents an enchanting world where vibrant colors and fluid brush strokes converge. In this art form, particularly portraits of elderly women, both technical and emotional depths stand out. These types of works, where flowing emotions are reflected on the canvas, offer art lovers both an aesthetic feast and an inspiring experience.

The Magic of Watercolor Technique

Gönül Tavukçu's Work Watercolor has a unique place in the art world. The characteristic of this technique is that it gives artworks a dynamic and emotional structure thanks to the fluidity of water and the vibrancy of pigments. Portraits of elderly women become even more meaningful with the freedom that watercolor offers. Each brush stroke tells the stories and experiences accumulated over the years.

Traces of Emotions in Portraits of Elderly Women

Gönül Tavukçu's Work Portraits of elderly women are rare subjects where an artist can convey emotionally laden memories and observations. In these portraits, every line of an elderly face carries the stories and experiences brought by years. Artists can present these stories more vividly and impressively by using watercolor. Fluid paints allow the delicate features and depth of expression to be perfectly reflected.

How to Paint a Portrait of an Elderly Woman with Watercolor?

Gönül Tavukçu's Work There are some important points to consider when painting a portrait of an elderly woman with watercolor. Here is a step-by-step guide:

Preparation and Materials: High-quality watercolor paper, various brushes, and a watercolor set with a wide color range are necessary. Additionally, a reference photo or model will be helpful.

Sketching: In the first step, a light sketch should be drawn. This helps determine the facial features and overall composition.

Basic Color Layers: In the initial layers, light colors are used to determine the general tones of the face. These layers add depth and volume to the portrait.

Detailing: With finer brushes, details such as eyes, nose, and mouth are added. The characteristic lines and wrinkles of an elderly face are meticulously worked on at this stage.

Final Touches: Final touches are added to the portrait with light and shadow play. This stage gives the portrait a realistic and impressive look.

Works Reflecting the Spirit of Art

Gönül Tavukçu's Work When flowing emotions merge with watercolor art, the resulting works invite not only a visual but also a spiritual journey. Portraits of elderly women are among the most impactful stops on this journey. With each brush stroke, artists tell the stories of the past to the viewers and invite them to share in this emotional depth.

Gönül Tavukçu's Work Watercolor portraits of elderly women hold a special place in the art world. The reflection of flowing emotions in this unique technique enriches the artworks both aesthetically and emotionally. Each portrait is a storyteller carrying the accumulation of years and the traces of life. For artists, these portraits offer deep satisfaction in the creative process and provide viewers with an inspiring experience.


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